RAA General Questions (FAQ)


Q: What are the fees to participate on the MarketPlace?

A: There are no fees to buy or sell vehicles between RAA members.

Q: How do I know if I won a vehicle I have previously bid on?

A: You will be alerted by text or email if you are outbid or if you are the highest bidder on a vehicle. You can click on "Activity Tracker" and Items I have Purchased buyer tab on the dashboard.

Q: How do I get the confirmation paperwork on a vehicle I have sold or purchased?

A: The host Auction will email or fax a confirmation of what you bought or sold based on the information provided on your profile. 

Q: What is the importance of the Watch List?

A: The Watch List allows you to track the sale price as well as place a bid at (a later date). Any status changes (de-listing, sold, sold on an “IF”, or moved to another event) will be reflected in your Watch List.


Q: How long does a vehicle stay on your watch list?

A: A vehicle will stay on your watch list for 2 weeks from being sold or removed. Vehicles are automatically added to your watch list when you place a bid from anywhere in the MarketPlace. 

Q: Can I update vehicle pricing after an offer has been made?

A: Yes. As a seller, the "Activity Tracker" can manage the price and additional description. If the description materially alters the car's value e.g.: frame, color change, all bidders will be notified and their bids may be retracted.

Q: I missed an alert that popped up, how do I find it?

A: Reference the alert section in the activity tracker. 

Q: If I remove a vehicle from a watchlist, how can I find the vehicle again?

A: There is no section yet for recently deleted so if you remove a vehicle from watch list and that vehicle has not sold you need to search the inventory to find it.  

Seller Questions for vehicles not at Auction location (FAQ) 

Q: After I sell my vehicle from my dealership, is there anything I should do in order to get the vehicle to the buyer?

A: Yes, it is the seller's responsibility to have the vehicle ready for immediate transport. The buyer initiates transport with the company they desire, and the transport company will handle the transportation of the vehicle.  

Q: How do I consign a vehicle to the MarketPlace?

A: Your vehicles can easily be uploaded to the MarketPlace directly from the MarketPlace/Auction’s host applications, including third party vendor feeds. Additionally, CoRe, a downloadable application, can provide users the ability to produce a condition report and post to the MarketPlace. The seller's Activity Tracker details the reserve price and any disclosures.

Q: If my vehicle doesn’t sell on the daily-listing portion of the MarketPlace, what additional ways do you offer to get it sold?

A: You have the option of putting your inventory in various events such as second chance sale, HyperLot, and Private Lot.   

Q: What should I do if I retail a vehicle that is listed on your MarketPlace?

A: You are responsible for removing the vehicle from your Listed inventory in Activity Tracker. 

Q: What should I do if I need to reprint a sale?

A: You may view and reprint any sales from the Activity Tracker.

Q: How will I get paid for cars I sell?

A: All Sales are processed through your individual dealership once the title is processed.

Q: Where do I send my title?

A: Titles are sent to the buying dealership. 

Buyer Questions for Vehicles not on auction location (FAQ) 

Q: Who do I pay for the vehicle?

A: The selling dealership directly.

Q: Who will the buying dealer receive the title from?

A: The selling dealership directly.

Q: Who pays for transportation?

A: The buyer selects the method of transportation. The transportation expense becomes the responsibility of the buyer once the vehicle is purchased. In the event the vehicle is returned to the Seller, the Seller would be responsible for transportation costs both ways, unless other arrangements are made. 

Q: Am I required to use the transportation companies affiliated with MARKETPLACE or can I use my own?

A: You may choose any method of transportation. It is important to note that the transport companies available through the MarketPlace can assist in managing the logistics. However, if you choose any other company or method of pick-up, please be aware that you are responsible for the condition of the vehicle from the time it is picked up from the Seller’s lot.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements to use your Website?

A: A key feature of our website is that it is fully web-based and does NOT require any specialty programs to be downloaded and installed to operate. The best results will be obtained with a typical broadband Internet connection, such as DSL or cable, T-1, etc. 

• * Pentium III processor or better with 512 MB memory. No Additional Disk Space Required.

• * Windows XP or Mac OS 9 or newer. Also supports Windows 7, Vista, X, & Mac OS X.

• * Internet Explorer 7.0, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or greater.

• * Sun Java Plug-in 1.6 or greater (Click Here to download Java)• * Sound - Integrated sound card.

• * Internet Connection – Broadband such as DSL, Cable, T-1, T-3.

• * Minimum 1024x768 screen resolution.

• * TCP Ports 80, 8500, 8600 and 8700 must be opened. (for IP address• * If you have a proxy server, it should allow non-http traffic through above mentioned ports.

Buy it now or Offers can be made through Mobile devices (iPhones and Smartphones)

Q: What happens if I’m interrupted during the bidding or buying process?

A: MarketPlace’s highly sophisticated and stable auction platform ensures 100% uptime while allowing even dial up connections in rural areas to work well. In the event that a buyer’s personal internet service connection to the internet (over which MarketPlace has no control or influence) is interrupted, the last bid received would be valid and if defined a Maximum Proxy Bid, MarketPlace will automatically and incrementally submit bids until you are the winner or reach your Maximum Proxy Bid.

 Q: Is there any special setup required for Mobile access to the MarketPlace?

 A: No. All that is needed is a smartphone with a compatible browser.